ビジョン クエスト 2 lesson4 27

vision quest 2 lesson 14 3. この本はとても興味深いとわかるでしょう。 5. (Reading) (books) (makes) you smarter. 私の妹はその壊れたおもちゃをどうしても捨てられない。 My family lived in a house with a blue roof when I was a child.

5. ジャネットは髪が黒く,目は茶色い。 ピートは先生に,昼食時に何があったかを説明した。

母が魚のさばき方を教えてくれた。 This weekend a film by Miyazaki Hayao Books about [on] the universe are selling very well.

The traffic lights at that intersection are being changed to new ones. It’s time you made [It’s time for you to make] up your mind. 英表 ビジョンクエスト lesson20. My family lived in a house whose roof was blue when I was a child.

GOAL! 2. 1.

書籍が印刷本に取って代わると思いますか。 FLEX Lesson 6 Part 3. GOAL! 1. mmwm. It is a story set at the end of the Edo period, The museum (is by far the most popular attraction in) this city. 3.

practiced almost every day, I improved little by little. more than six hours every day. account, I firmly believe that technology has made us happier. You have to realize that you aren’t a child any longer.

社長は秘書にメモを取らせた。 We have held a few concerts in that hall before.

text your friends and use the Internet anytime. are both smiling. 1. 籍は印刷本よりも環境に優しいです。私たち

(You should be kind to elderly people). 高温の車の中に放置することもできるのです。 久しぶりに父と川へ釣りに出かけた。

I believe (that) my grandfather will get well [get better, recover] soon.


would also buy some presents for my family members: a new tennis racket for my father, an

4. People write their wishes on


私の友達はみんな自分の携帯電話を持っている。 be false information on the Internet.

Obviously, it is inconvenient to live without modern

What I’m holding in my hands is the activities]. (My brother prefers playing soccer to watching it).

The longer you keep a cat, the better [the more] you will like it. Besides, anime costumes fascinate young

3 4. surprising.

What makes [made] you think that way? too much time surfing the Internet and playing online games. あなたは彼と直接会って話をしないといけない。



私はポールが京都に行ったことがあるとは知らなかった。 4. 1 4. It is said [They say, People say] that Hawaii is a safe place for tourists to travel to [in]. The ending is very 2.

スティービー・ワンダーはこれまでで最高のミュージシャンの 1 人だと言われている。 Hi Sam, 3

父が車であなたを駅に迎えに行きます。 Can (you) (lend) (me) your dictionary? We had been

この雑誌によると,その映画は今週の金曜日に公開される。 彼の笑っている顔は魅力的ですね。

2 My favorite actor [actress] is supposed to appear in the musical. その作業を終えるのにとても多くの時間がかかった。


We can receive the latest news by smartphone unless the battery runs out. The museum opens at nine (o’clock) and closes at six (o’clock). 2.


Next to me is my teacher, who was very strict during the lessons, but I now realize that

5. 私は彼に,我々がすぐに出発しなければならないことを納得させた。

Last Sunday, when I was reading a book at home, suddenly there was a knock on the door. They get their own exercise.

この冬は多くの人がインフルエンザにかかった。 GOAL! 1.

We must turn off our cell phones in movie theaters [a movie theater] so that they won’t [don’t] 1.

She went to the library, where she looked for books on her town. I finally (finished) (writing) (a) (letter) to my grandfather. 3

I would go shopping with my family.

Vision Quest lesson14 Exercies1.2 8 Terms.


I can hardly [scarcely] hear you. I saw John studying in the library yesterday afternoon.


especially like to go there during the famous Gion Festival in summer, or in the fall when the leaves is being shown at the movie theater. コミ英 lesson3 44 Terms.


3. 1


You’ll (find) (this) (book) very (interesting).


GOAL! Let me tell you about my family.

My mother didn’t let me go to the concert. 部屋を出るときは窓を閉めてください。

If I had not bought the [a] watch at [in] that store [shop], I would be able to buy this bag. GOAL! ペットとして犬を飼う人がますます増えてきている。 Kaito (63 語). (It is fifty miles from my house) to my grandmother’s house. 3.

ます。1つめは,出生率が低下し,2010 年には 1.39 に The city has a lot of tourist attractions [tourist spots, tourist sites, sightseeing spots] to visit. Second, information on the Internet is not entirely reliable. looking forward to taking you to see it. Kaito (62 語).

I like [I’ve come to like] dogs better [more] than (I did) before [than I used to].

その美術館はこの町で断然人気がある名所です。 The train (had already left when I arrived) at the station.

1. My hobby is drawing pictures. Janet (has) dark (hair) and brown (eyes). The company (will publish a new magazine next) fall.

彼女は語学学校で中国語を 2 年間学んでいる。

He was trying to make himself understood in Japanese.

7月に暑中見舞いのはがきを出す人もいます。 THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS WITH... vision quest 2 lesson 8.

4. 父は私の好きな歌手の最新アルバムを買ってくれた。 I (was moved by his offer to) help me.




その研究によると,日本の漫画はあらゆる世代の人に読まれている。 The most memorable present I’ve ever received is a handmade photo frame with a photo of one of my

I joined the line very early in the morning (in order to get a ticket). より急速に高齢化しています。このことは日本政府の歳


I will start [begin] keeping [to keep] a diary (from) today. 1. 3.

雲に覆われていたので,空は暗くどんよりとして見えた。 Every member wears [All (of) the members wear] a blue uniform. More and more people are owning [keeping] dogs as pets.

Pete (explained) (to) his teacher (what) had happened at lunch.


(Japan consists of four main islands): Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. 3. Write.

She gave it to me on our graduation day from elementary school. According to the weather forecast, (this winter will be the coldest in twenty) years.


Personally, I think technology has made our lives too easy.

エドが直接私に話してくれた。そうでないと私は納得しなかっただろう。 I don’t know the reason why she hasn’t talked to me. パリは長い歴史を持つ古い都だ。 Flickr Creative Commons Images. I talked my brother into lending me his camera.

Jim took me to a [the] park where [in which] the roses were beautiful.

3 母ほど私を愛してくれている人はいないと実感しました。 学校の制服にはいくつかの利点があると私は思う。

Yamada Minori (63 語). 高校生. 私の家から祖母の家までは 50 マイルです。

5. 1 次の書き出しに続くストーリーを くストーリーを考 くストーリーを考え,さらに60語程度の英文を書き加えてみよう。 4.

もっと大きな声で話していただけませんか。ほとんど聞こえません。 彼は日本語で自分の言うことを理解してもらおうとしていた。 It will be sunny on New Year’s Day.

4. My brother goes to school by train and bus.

ご清聴ありがとうございました。, あなたは電子書籍についてどのような意見を持って In the picture we Recently I have come to appreciate classical music. Almost all (the) [Most] students are content [satisfied] with the design of the uniform. ビルは両手をポケットに入れたまま,立ち話をした。

vision quest 2 lesson 9 3 . 1.

私がいつ電話してもキャシーはじっくり話を聞いてくれる。 5.

First, we can save money. あなたの趣味について,60語程度の英文を書いてみよう。 彼に何が起きたのか誰も知らない。 羽田への最終の飛行機が離陸しようとしていた。 真奈美: 私は違った意見を持っています。電子書籍に 5. While traveling in Hokkaido, I made friends with a man who came [was] from Australia. 1. This skirt is too tight.


2 4. Terms in this set (6) San Francisco is a city famous for its beautiful views [sights, scenes, scenery].

Some students say (that) the school uniform is old-fashioned. If you want to enjoy something traditional in Japan, sumo is great.

My sister is four years older than [senior to] you. 「発表の準備はもうできましたか?」「いいえ,まだです。」

世界の人口は 100 年前の約 4 倍だ。

ギターを弾いているのは誰なのだろう。 This is the first song that I wrote when I was in junior high.

gold medal. (Do) (they) (sell) medicine in that convenience store? 私は兄を説得して,カメラを貸してもらった。



I saw Julia (for the first time in six months).

We throw beans at a demon [demons] on the night of Setsubun. I’m not so organized, so I can’t do that.

2. 1. インターネットの危険性を十分に理解している生徒はほとんどいなかった。 高校生のボランティア のボランティア のボランティア活動について,あなたの考えを60語程度の英文で書いてみよう。 I can run as fast as my brother.

はもはや本を作るために木を切り倒し続ける 1. My cell phone rang when [while] I was talking with my father. 1. Vision Questビジョンクエスト英語の動画授業配信サイト . 3 4. elegant bag for my mother, and video games for my brother. 1. If you had been there a month earlier, you could have watched Major League baseball games. 司会者: みなさんは電子書籍について聞いたことが 1 (I felt someone tap my shoulder). 3. Computers have greatly improved [made remarkable progress] recently [lately].

There is no chance of our [us] winning the debate. I didn’t know that Paul had been to [had visited] Kyoto. ※土日祝日は、商品の発送をお休みさせていただきます。, お届け日と時間帯を指定することができます。 1. 4 To conclude, it is difficult to distinguish between harmful violence and meaningful violence in the media, and this is a main issue in the debate over media violence. 基礎からセンター試験・私大対策を1冊でサポート

2 彼女は私にすぐ医者に診てもらうよう助言した。 1. る必要なしにどのような情報でも簡単に検索 2 legend, two lovers, Orihime and Hikoboshi, are allowed to meet across the Milky Way only once a

She had [got] her hair cut that morning.

Chihuahuas are much [far] more active than they look. 1. Lesson20 インターネットの問題点. Not (all of the students participate in club activities).

(59 語). 4. 1. 昨日の午後,ジョンが図書館で勉強しているのを見かけた。 多くの人は,生徒が制服を着るのは当然のことと考えている。 日本にお越しの際は東京を案内しましょう。 値段が手ごろなら,どのレストランに行っても構わないよ。

My (dream) (is) (to) (be [become]) an astronaut. 1.

become victims of cybercrimes. これは私が今まで食べた中で最もおいしいピザだ。 My uncle will have arrived (by the time you come back). A large [great] number of people [Many people] take it for granted that students should wear 3. 司会者: ありがとう,薫。薫は電子書籍は持ち運びや

4. Covered with [in, by] clouds, the sky looked dark and dull.

It took me two weeks to finish reading all of the Dragon Ball series.

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That’s why Japanese cartoons [anime] and manga appeal to young and old alike, all over 来月,そのゲームソフトが発売されると知って私はうれしい。

5. 1. I (have read none of these novels). was a birthday present from her. 北海道・沖縄:4営業日以上 This is a picture that my father took three years ago when I participated in a piano competition. Namu9.

STUDY. 困ったときに私を支えてくれる友達がいてうれしいです。 Not all media violence is harmful and worthless. 2. I have come to appreciate classical music recently.

2. 65歳以上の人の割合を示しています。その割合は 1990 将来のために私たちはみな,この問題についてしっか

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